"We called in H.R.A. Training to give our staff the proper training for the complete care of the home including the cleaning, home organization, care of silver/china/crystal and an understanding of how one should conduct oneself in a fine home. They accomplished all of our objectives and as a bonus the staff even enjoyed it. Everyone came out a winner."- S. Burke Residence Manager, Bel Air, CA
"As a European running a house in Los Angeles, I have come to realize the necessity of a Domestic Training course such as Mr. Holland- Rose offers. His attention to detail is unique."- Lyn Rothman
"I highly recommend the domestic training offered by Brian Holland Rose. In a discrete and highly professional manner he takes over the time consuming tasks of refining the working skills of your existing staff or helping with their replacements."- Stefanie Powers Actress
"Brian made an important contribution and always displayed extreme courtesy and care. We recommend him highly."- Mrs. Anne Douglas
"H.R.A. Training has been a great benefit to all my staff. Having a consultant come in and train provides direction and a greater level of detail. I cannot recommend it more strongly."- Christina Fulton Actress/Designer
"The H.R.A. manual for Housekeepers is the most complete and advanced guide I have ever seen."- Hancock Park Estate